I’ve made a couple minor changes on the blog layout page that those who read by RSS may have missed.

One is that I made my sidebar even longer by adding a “Random Posts” section, which uses a WordPress plugin to pick 10 random posts from the archives. This has the potential to waste enormous amounts of my time as I flip through back posts and remind myself of loose ends that I have dropped.

Another came as a result of feedback from talking to a friend who likes some of my posts but wants to more easily skip the weird philosophy and cognitive stuff. So I’ve moved the post information line up to the top of the post to make that more obvious, and will be doing some recategorization later this week to split up the “people” category which is where those posts end up now. I’ll definitely add a “brain” and “philosophy” category, and maybe see what other posts are classified in there now.

Let me know if there are any other formatting changes that I could make that would make this blog more useful and/or readable.

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