Checking in

Gosh, it’s been ten days since I last posted. I’ve had lots of scattered ideas, but haven’t quite had the focus to pull any of them together into a full post. Things have been busy at work as we prepare for the release of FogBugz 6, the newest version of our main product, so that’s been eating up time and energy. I’ve also been taking advantage of the last weeks before classes start to read some trashy fiction, go see pro beach volleyball, etc.

Scattered proto-ideas that I’d like to develop at some point:

  • Thoughts on why I don’t want to start my own business, inspired by commenting on a post where an intern didn’t want to do “boring” work, where I pointed out that running a company has a lot of boring work. I’d also refer to Paul Graham’s latest post where he says that succeeding at a startup is mostly avoiding ways of having the startup die.
  • The importance of establishing an internet presence. Because I dominate the Google rankings for my name (helped by having a unique name), when people search for me, they will see what I want them to see. This blog page, with the sidebar on the left showing the most recent posts, is designed so that even if somebody jumps in from a search page to something I wrote a long time ago, they’ll have easy access to my most recent stuff.
  • Media fragmentation, inspired by a great riff by Chuck Klosterman in his book Chuck Klosterman IV where he points out that there will never be another Johnny Carson because even if there was somebody else with the same characteristics, only a tiny percentage of the population would watch because the number of channels has exploded.
  • Media literacy. A common hobby horse of mine, but with better links to some stuff being done by Henry Jenkins among others.
  • The usual book reviews – I should do another roundup at some point.

I did do a post for the company blog on the difference between software consulting and developing a software product.

But, yeah, my brain’s tapped at the moment. I need to start reading more serious stuff again, or kick my brain into high gear by having more thought-provoking conversations, or hope things cool down at work so that I’m not so drained by the time I get home. Of course, just as work is set to ease off, classes are starting again, so my blogging will probably continue to languish. Alas.

And no blogging this weekend because I’ll be in Boston. So, readers of mine, go thou and be smart and clever and inspire me to blog. Or at least drop me a line and say hi.

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