Mercedes sucks more

Update on the car: Mercedes sucks more. They called me a couple days after I brought the car in and said that they were refusing my demand that I get my money back under the lemon law. Corporate headquarters refused to pay up without knowing what was wrong with the car. Of course, if they knew what was wrong with the car and could fix it, I’d be far more likely to take the car back. So now, on the sixth time I bring the car in, the local dealer actually called for help, and are getting a field engineer from Corporate to take a look. Unbelievable. It took six tries before I finally elicit “Oh, wow, maybe we shouldn’t blow him off this time.”

And then they made me come in and waste an hour this morning to switch cars. I’d taken a rental car last week when I came in, but that costs them $30/day, so they asked me to come in and switch it for a loaner car from their fleet. I told them I was pretty busy, and didn’t have time to come in. They said they’d have it ready when I came in at 9, and I’d be on my way quickly. Of course, they lied. I got there, and they’re like “Oh, we were supposed to get a car for you, weren’t we?”. So they go looking for a car, bring it around for me, are about to give it to me, and realize that it has no gas. They take it away again, I wait another 20 minutes while they go gas it up, and finally I’m on my way. At this point, I’m close to starting to charge them my hourly rate for the waste of my time.

I’m getting treated like crap. Don’t ever do business with Mercedes. They’re awesome cars when they work, but it seems like the entire corporation is about avoiding ever admitting that one of their precious cars might not work. I can’t begin to express how incredibly frustrated and angry I am at this point. Tomorrow’s my last day at this job, and I was looking forward to some relaxing time off, and instead I’m going to be stressed for the next two weeks dealing with this crap. It’s not okay. I’m looking into legal representation now to see what my options are. Maybe I can nail them to the wall. I sure hope so.

In the meantime, I’m going to start finding Mercedes bulletin boards, and start trashing them as much as I can.

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  1. I have a 2006 Mercedes S430 4-matic that was just delivered in March. The car is heading back to the “workshop” for its sixth visit for the same SRS system malfunction in 3-1/2 months. I am getting the same crap service and patronizing attitude that Eric Nerhlich received from the local dealer. When I contacted MB North America the response was even more patronizing and insulting. I am at the end of my patience. Allegedly, MB is going to contact me to make an offer on how they are going to resolve this Lemon Law violation today.

  2. I have a 2005 CLK and I got a great deal! They gave me almost $5,000 off the price!! Want to know why? Because I had to bring the previous MB C24 peice of shit to the service station 10 times!!! My parents have a 12 year old Toyota Celica that has less problems, I have a $50,000 pile of shit. I think I’m going to get my head checked out and find out why I bent back and bought another MB after the first one. And on top of everything else, I can’t do a damn thing about it. You call corporate headquarters, the dealer, the salesman, and you get absolutely NO WHERE! They should put as much effort into building there cars as they do training there staff on how to be complete idiots.

    P.S. My shrink said by a Lexis!

  3. I used to own a 1994 E320 this car sucks I bought it used and the next day the water pump failed and started leaking I got that replaced and then the rear shocks gave out got that replaced then It drove ok for a while and then one day the check engine light came on and the car began stalling eventualy I got into an accident this woman ran red light and I slammed into her I was ok but the car is now gone please dont buy a benz these cars are no good they are expensive peices of crap BMW is the best and if you want a reliable car buy a Jeep I used to think mercedes was the best car but really its not if your in the market please dont buy a benz they will destroy your love for cars.

  4. I just purchased an ML350 4 matic for stickered at $51,000.00 three weeks ago.

    The piece of shit has been back in the shop 5 times. I only have 3 documented so far, so I need one more for the Calif. Lemon Law to go into effect.

    The toll-free customer services sucks even more.

    I hate car and hope Chrysler does more damage (if it can) to Mercedes.

  5. I thoroughly agree with you that Mercedes-Benz of North America sucks, and their dealer in West Palm Beach is unethical. I ordered a new 2008 E320 MB diesel on 20SEPT, for delivery on 20NOV. When I phoned the dealer he had cancelled my order (so I was told) but they never told me they cancelled the order, and in fact the car I ordered was sold a few days earlier to another dealer. When I found out the dealer had sold the car to another dealer, I called MB of North America to ask them to interceed in resolving my problem, and I was told that the problem was between me and the dealer and they would not help me at all.

    There is no point in spending >$60,000 for a new car when the manufacturer does not care about you, or will do nothing to stop its dealers from acting unethically.

    Oh yes, and this dealership also wanted me to sign a paper saying I would agree to pay them $10,000 if I exported the car within the first year of ownership, and they also wanted me to sign a document that would allow them to use non-Mercedes Benz parts for service even though it would void the warranty. And they also wanted me to sign away my rights to sue them in court in case of disagreements, but insisted I agree to arbitration on their terms.

    I recommend that nobody should by a Mercedes-Benz vehicle until the parent company decides to take better care of its prospective owners, and does something to eliminate unethical dealerships.

  6. Have had four MB’s,three are diesel’s from Germany and are fantastic,the 2000 ML 430 ( Alabama ) we bought was the worst car I have ever owned…nothing but problems,and unresponsive dealer resolutions.My first and only consumer letter to MB corporate resulted in us being blown off royally.
    Will never buy a MB again no matter where it’s manufactured.Love my new Porsche !!!!When time comes for a new sedan will buy a Lexus.

  7. I have owned this 2006 CLK350 certified preowned since July 16th of 2008. It had 15,875 miles on it when I bought it. Since then it has depreciated 12,000 dollars and here’s the list:
    1. Wheel Balance-told them the second day of owning it and I still had to pay to fix it.
    2. Pulley to engine replaced.
    3. Rear brake light in middle fell out.
    4. Blown speaker-which they nicely adjusted to not be able to hear it.
    5. Flap on back seat broken.

    Not only these things, in what a little over 2 months time, have went wrong but it also likes to sometimes have half of the head lights on for no reason. Every now and then I can hear a steam cooker sound. I get 15mpg city…WTF?! Horsepower sucks fucking ass. The seats have lumbar support that you cant get rid of. Plus the seats are the most uncomfortable things ever! What an expensive piece of JUNK. I cant even get rid of it because I will want to kick my self in the ass for the rest of my life for having lost that much money so quick by trading it in. 21,000. Thats all I’ve been offered. I wish I would have just kept my 2005 Infiniti G35 coupe that was paid for and owned by me…NEVER EVER again. I will be sure to put it out there to anyone and everyone about how much this car sucks…and I hope everyone else does the same.,, whatever website that you can notify people do so!

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