Star Wars in Yerba Buena

I was hanging out at Yerba Buena Gardens this afternoon with a friend. Well, outside the Metreon actually. Yerba Buena itself was closed, apparently for a private party. We saw a couple guys in tuxes go by, and said “Huh, must be a nice party”. Then we saw a couple storm troopers walk by. And […]

Daredevil graphic novels

My local library branch now has a graphic novel section. I was astonished, really. While I can understand why they put it in the “young adult” section, they may want to reconsider their filing, considering they had Watchmen filed there as well, and that is anything but a children’s tale. I thought about flipping it […]

More Evanovich

Ten Big Ones and Metro Girl, by Janet Evanovich I like Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, so when I saw the latest one in the library, I picked it up. And Metro Girl is the start of a possible new series. I liked Ten Big Ones better than Metro Girl – the Stephanie Plum antics are […]

What I’m doing with my week off

Before I spend more time interpreting an obscure French philosopher, I’m going to take a day off from serious posting, and do a general journal-type post. To wit, what I’m doing with my week off between jobs. I’d originally considered going and taking a trip or something like that, but decided I had too many […]