What I’m doing with my week off

Before I spend more time interpreting an obscure French philosopher, I’m going to take a day off from serious posting, and do a general journal-type post. To wit, what I’m doing with my week off between jobs.

I’d originally considered going and taking a trip or something like that, but decided I had too many things to do here. All those little things that I’ve put off for months, I’m trying to get done this week.

Things I’ve done: lots of laundry, gotten a haircut, brought my bike in for a tuneup, went through my closets and packed up a bunch of boxes of clothes for Salvation Army, cancelled my phone land line (since my DSL is completely through my DSL provider now), took my tux into the cleaners after last week’s concert, made an appointment with the eye doctor for this Friday. Oh, and dealt with my car.

So after my threat to trade the car in, they finally took me seriously and looked at the electrical connections (I’d been guessing (and telling them) it was an intermittent electrical problem from the third time I’d brought it in – this was the sixth). They found a loose contact in the electrical junction box. They refused to give me a new car, but since they actually found something that I believed might be related to the problems I’d been having, I agreed to take it back. It helped that they threw in credit for two monthly payments for my aggravation and inconvenience, as well as swearing that they were on the hook if anything went wrong again. Cross your fingers everyone.

The other thing I’ve been doing is gorging on mindless media. After finally finishing the month-long struggle with Latour, I stopped by the library last Friday and picked up a huge stack of fiction. I’ll write those up in appropriate separate posts. I also stopped by the video store because it’s next to the dry cleaners, and checked out the first season of Dead Like Me, because I’ve been wanting to see that for a while, especially after seeing all of Wonderfalls, which shares a creator. So lots of vegging going on. It’s all good. I start work on Monday and then my time for mindlessness will be over.

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