Silent but still kicking

So I last posted a week ago Saturday. Sunday afternoon was another concert, Monday evening was ultimate, Tuesday was a much-needed night off, Wednesday through Saturday evenings were concerts. Through all of this, I was telling myself, “I just need to make it through Saturday and everything will be fine.” My body apparently took me at my word, and I woke up Sunday with some sort of flu that completely took me out. I ended up sleeping most of the day Sunday, with my stomach upset enough that I didn’t eat anything all day except some tortilla chips and half a bowl of soup. I felt better Monday morning (although not good enough to go play ultimate on Monday evening since I was still lightheaded just walking around the office), which was good because Jofish arrived in town Monday on his way up to Portland for the summer. So we hung out a bit talking on Monday night, Tuesday evening we went out for sushi and drinks, and here it is Wednesday (Jofish flew to Portland today).

Oh, and on top of all the stuff outside of work, at work I was trying to finish up some functionality for another big release to our client of the software that occasioned the big crunch during my first week on the job (mentioned here). We thought we were in great shape a week ago, but the last bit of functionality turned out to be way more complicated and subtle than expected, so instead of taking the two hours I expected it to take, I spent most of the last three days working on it. We were supposed to release today at noon, but my part still wasn’t working, which was really stressful. At 11:30, I called for help, realizing that I was stuck going in circles. My boss and I put our heads together for an hour or so, figured out a way to refactor the code that made the dependencies more explicit (and thus less prone to me screwing them up as I had been), I spent three more hours actually doing the refactoring, plus another hour to test and debug and fix a few other minor bugs that came up. Just as we were about to actually do the build at 5:30, the power went out in the building. Eit. After twenty minutes of waiting for it to come back on, my boss told us to go home, so we’ll do the build in the morning.

Anyway. In case you were wondering why I haven’t been posting, now you know. I also haven’t been reading, or more accurately, I’ve been catching up on my backlog Economists and Science Newses, so that’s why there haven’t even been any book reviews (although I’m reasonably close to talking myself into another ten book Amazon order, so that may change soon).

I’ve got several posts I’ve been wanting to write for a while, so I’m hoping to start to get to those over the next little bit. I do still have interesting ideas. Really! I just need to make the time to write about them. On days when I’m not completely braindead from work or extravocational activities. I’ll put up one of the light-hearted ones in a second, and maybe start on one of the longer ones to be put up tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Silent but still kicking

  1. Just in case you are looking for interesting books to read, I’ve recently been reading:
    Why we recycle by Frank Ackerman
    Priceless by Frank Ackerman and someone else.

    Frank is an economist who deals with environmental issues from a hard data point of view and really likes to prove bullshit on many of the current arguments used by conservative economic thinktanks. A very interesting read if you want to get a good idea of where current economic theory works, where it doesn’t and why.

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