I must live in the Bay Area

After being at work from 10-10 yesterday and 9-7 today, I couldn’t face making dinner, so I went down to the local taqueria. While eating my fish taco, I overheard snippets of conversation from the neighboring tables. On my right, they were discussing the shameful response of the Bush administration to New Orleans, and speculating on whether any of this would stick to whoever the Republican candidate ends up being in 2008. Then they moved on to discussing this allegation I heard about today, that certain newspapers were captioning photos of black people as looters, and white people as “finders”. Meanwhile, on my left, they were discussing George Lakoff and framing. And, of course, I’m sitting in the middle, reading my Economist. We’re all such political eggheads in the Bay Area.

Afterwards, I dropped by the local used bookstore, mostly in an attempt to stay awake a little while longer (I’ve been crashing early, partially from jet lag, partially from spending too much time at work). I picked up the latest Evanovich in paperback. And while I was browsing through the graphic novel section, one of the bookstore employees walked by and dropped a copy of Elektra: Assassin onto the stack of books to be sold. I’d read Batman’s copy back when I was an undergrad, and remembered liking its truly warped nature. And after seeing Daredevil a couple years ago, I had wanted to re-read it to wipe Jennifer Garner’s too-chipper depiction of Elektra from my mind. Also, a couple months ago, I read the original Elektra storyline, which reinforced that re-reading desire. But it’s out of print and I didn’t really feel like sorting through eBay or Amazon auctions to find a copy. And then it was deposited right in front of me. Clearly a sign. So I bought it.

We’ll see if I’m awake enough to get serious about writing tomorrow. Lots of blogging to catch up on, plus maybe working on that potential article. I’m sure you’re all holding your breath in anticipation.

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