Killer cars and giving notice

No posts in a while. Been distracted by life.

On Monday morning, my car tried to kill me. Again. Coming out of the Bay Bridge metering lights into the big merge, where it squeezes from 13 lanes down to 5 lanes in a couple hundred yards, and people are accelerating like mad, trying to cut other people off, and looking in all directions trying to remember which lanes merge next, my car decided that would be the perfect place to take a nap. So the engine lost all power and started coasting to a stop. I hit the hazards, and fortunately did not get hit from behind. I’m sitting there, at a dead stop with cars whizzing by on both sides, trying to figure out what to do next. I restart the car, it’s clearly unhappy, engine surging and lurching. Fortunately, a wonderful wonderful soul in a panel truck one lane over saw my predicament, flipped on its hazards to signal me to go in front of it, and then continued to block a path for me over to the shoulder. I sat there for a few minutes, letting the adrenaline drain out of my system, restarted the car, and then, of course, it was fine. I took it into the dealer, for the fifth time, and tried to impress upon them how close to death I came this time. We’ll see if they come up with a reasonable diagnosis. Cross your fingers.

On a happy note, though, yesterday I received a formal offer from Applied Strategies, a biotech consulting firm that I had interviewed with. After thinking about it, I decided to accept the offer, and gave notice at my current job this morning. I’m using it as an excuse to have a “Giving Notice” party this Saturday evening. If you are reading this, and were not on the email list for some reason (other than being non-local), drop me a line to get the info.

Once I have my brain back from all of these other things, I’ll be back to writing interesting stuff again. Well, interesting to me, at least.

4 thoughts on “Killer cars and giving notice

  1. yikes! glad you’re okay, and congrats on the new job. i’ll be out of town this weekend, so i won’t be able to celebrate with you in person, alas.

  2. Hey Perlick–I didn’t want you to think only one person cares that you’re not dead, so: suckness on the car, glad you’re not dead, and congratulations on the new job! Plus I’m glad I still have a place to crash later this week. 😉

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