I bought art!

While I was in New York, I put in a relatively low bid on a piece of art up for auction at a SoHo gallery, as mentioned at the end of this post. I was a bit surprised when, at the end of the month, the gallery called me and told me that my bid was the highest, and asked where they should send the piece. So they packed it up and shipped it to me, and now it’s in the place of pride over the fireplace, where I think it works quite well. The texture of the art works with the textured paint over the fireplace, and the blue-gray coloration works with the ceiling gray and the bluish-black slate floor. Apologies for my photograph sucking – I can’t take a picture worth a damn, and since I moved the light that formerly illuminated the place of pride, I had to use a flash. But now I can say that I bought art from a gallery in SoHo, so that’s worth something right there. I’m quite pleased with myself.

Updated: Batman rightly points out that I should mention the artist’s name – it’s Carmelo Rocco, and I believe the piece is called Blueness. And it looks like I got a fantastic deal, given the prices on his other stuff at that site.

5 thoughts on “I bought art!

  1. Coolness! A return to your swinging batchelor pad’s role as an art gallery, eh? BTW–what is the artist’s name–I figure that deserves a plug at least.

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