Punditocracy and other notes

I’ve often joked recently that I’d like to become a pundit, holding forth on various and sundry topics for the amusement and edification of my listeners. Alas, the hard part about becoming a pundit is finding an audience. But if you can find one, it is apparently quite lucrative. A coworker of mine said that a friend of his had brought Malcolm Gladwell (who I’ve been pimping way too much recently, especially since I haven’t actually read his book yet) in to speak to his company for an hour, and had to pay some totally outrageous fee. Man. All I have to do is become a senior columnist for the New Yorker and write two best-selling books and I could be making it big as a pundit! Yeah. Um. *sigh*

Oh, as long as I’m writing a journal-type post, I have talked to a couple readers recently who expressed their dismay over my tendency to sit down and write several posts at a time, clobbering them with pages of text when they next log in. I tend to only have time to write posts a couple times a week, so I tend to write a bunch of posts when I actually sit down. But I’ll try to remember from now on to actually post the posts one at a time over a few days, thus evening out the absorption burden on my readers. Except tonight, because this post doesn’t really count. Really. Honest.

I had a great Super Bowl party yesterday; thanks to all of you who stopped by. I think we had ten or so people at one point or another, eating food, watching the game, and mocking the ads (the consensus was that we liked the Careerbuilder.com monkey ads, and the first Bud Light ad (the skydiving one) – other than that, it was pretty desolate). Note to self for next year: don’t buy as much pre-packaged junk food (on the bright side, I’ll be eating junk food for dinner all week), and don’t buy any beer, because my friends don’t drink beer. Even on Super Bowl Sunday. Un-American commie pinko freaks. They probably don’t buy pickup trucks either. Craziness. Wait, was that my out-loud voice?

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