New laptop

So my laptop finally came yesterday. I had to make one more phone call this morning, because they only refunded the bogus shipping charges when it shipped, and forgot to refund me the $25 for the coupon that they first accepted, and then denied. But they agreed to do that after leaving me on hold for 15 minutes. Wankers.

I like the laptop, though. I got my wireless network set up last night with astonishing ease. Pull the thing out of the box, hook it up, change a few settings, and boom, I have wireless. For those of you with wireless networks, do you use WEP? I set mine up with that, mostly because I figured some security is better than none, but I don’t really know anything. And, hey, now I can have houseguests that won’t scorn my lack of wireless!

I got all of my files transferred over this morning, and I’m happily typing away while lying on the couch. Life just became even more indolent. Whee!