Super Bowl Sunday

Yikes, it has been a long time since I blogged. I’ve been buried at work, although things seem to be slowing down a bit (knock on wood). For those of you that want more regular updates, I recommend Twitter and/or as those get updated more regularly. This past weekend, though, I made time to […]

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Sounds crazy, no? Almost like…a fiddler on the roof. No, wait, that’s something else. I’d heard about this project a few months ago, but Xemu linked to the trailer a couple weeks ago, which got me fanboy-ing again. Dude, a musical written by Joss Whedon, following in the tradition of the […]

The future of television

I watched the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica this morning. This wouldn’t be surprising except that I don’t get the Sci-Fi channel, which broadcasts that show on Friday evenings. I watched it over at, the video site started by NBC (which owns the Sci-Fi channel) after they pulled their content from iTunes last summer. […]

Buffy Singalong

In September, I was walking through Greenwich Village with a friend. We were chatting away as we passed by the IFC movie theater. Suddenly he noticed that I was no longer talking, and that, in fact, I had stopped several paces behind him. I had been dumbstruck by the theater marquee which said “Buffy singalong”. […]

Comedy and drama

While driving into work yesterday, I started thinking about humor for some reason. I guess I was thinking of practical jokes, of the variety that Ashton Kutcher purveys on Punk’d, and why I find such jokes shallow and cruel and not very funny. It seems to me that such jokes are funny because the audience […]


As I mentioned in my post on Firefly, I also got the DVD set of Wonderfalls in the same Amazon order. And I’ve watched that whole series now as well. My original review actually stands up pretty well even after watching the rest of the unaired episodes, in terms of describing the overall feel of […]


[ed. note: As a complete break from the cognitive science type philosophy that has filled this space recently, we bring you a rant about television] I finally got the DVD set of Firefly last week, and have now watched the whole series. For those of you who don’t know, Firefly was a show created by […]

Never mind

So the day that I get around to recommending Wonderfalls is the day it’s cancelled. Check out Tim Minear’s site for the official word (and the 180+ people who have written comments bemoaning the show’s fate). Fox sucks. Only four episodes of the thirteen filmed made it on air. And Fox gave it no chance, […]

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There’s a new show on Fox called Wonderfalls (Thursdays, 9pm, Fox). I like it, which means it’s pretty much doomed (c.f. Sports Night or Boomtown). I watched the first episode for a bunch of reasons; the premise (tchotchkes talking to a disaffected clerk in a tourist trap) sounded interesting and similar to Joan of Arcadia, […]

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The Apprentice

Okay, I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve been watching The Apprentice when I happen to be home on Thursday evenings. It’s pretty fascinating to see the different strategies towards the challenges that people take; some are free-wheeling, some want to lay out a process and a plan, etc. But the thing that I […]

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