Amusing caveat

From an amendment to my car insurance policy: b. There is no coverage for bodily injury that results from: Nuclear reaction; Radiation or radioactive contamination from any source; or The accidental or intentional detonation of, or release of radiation from, any nuclear or radioactive device. Wait, you mean that, if I get hurt because a […]

Cubicle Zen

A little while ago, a friend of mine was complaining over IM about their stupid coworkers. In a moment of levity, I replied “Welcome to the world, young grasshopper. You must bend with the stupidity as the reeds bend with the wind. Stupidity is an unstoppable force – it can only be diverted, not ignored […]

Classical mashups

Last week, I read this Chronicle article about the growing popularity of mashups,where DJs take different songs and meld them together. I’ve listened to the Sixx Mixx when I happen to be in the car, and I like it a lot. I may be looking for more places to download such stuff, besides Party Ben’s […]

New business idea

I was talking with a friend earlier this week about good ads. In particular, we were reminiscing about the original Coors Lite ad with the twins. The one with the lyrics “I… love… playing two-hand touch, eating way too much, rooting for my team…” It was a really good ad. I’d love to see it […]

CEO Barbie

I was talking to my co-worker yesterday, and we picked up on the thread of that conversation we had about management by conversation. In fact, the same thing happened as what I described in that post, except that he was the one doing the asking; he walked over to my cube, and asked me a […]

Microsoft Office Man!!

A few days ago, I instant messaged my friend Wil to ask what he was up to. He responded “Working on a visio graph”. Recently, it seems like he’s always working on a visio graph, or a powerpoint presentation, or an excel spreadsheet, or a word document. He’s getting involved in project management, so it’s […]