Slow motion catches

I played ultimate yesterday in my typical league. Even though our team eventually lost 15-13, I think I scored something like 8 or 9 of our points. Some of them I sky-ed over my defender, jumping up and snatching the disc at the highest point of my leap. A few I got because of great […]

Ultimate photo

I was checking the website of the league I play in today, and noticed a link to some pictures a photographer had taken of some league games. Intrigued, I went and glanced through them, and sure enough, there are a couple of me. Check out these action shots, one of me having been beat on […]

whee ultimate

This evening was the first spring game of the ultimate frisbee league I play in. I was out of shape, of course. Despite saying I would stay in shape over the winter, I just didn’t. I’m not terribly out of shape – I biked up to Skyline Boulevard yesterday without stopping, which is about 50 […]

I’m not dead!

Yes, even though I haven’t updated in two weeks, I am not dead. Really. I’ve just been pretty busy. And distracted. What have I been doing? I bought a dining room table off of craigslist over Thanksgiving weekend, which I was able to move with Christy’s help. I had a games day, where we played […]

Ultimate frisbee video

The college national championships of ultimate frisbee were televised this year on the College Sports TV network. Unfortunately, that’s not one I get – I think it’s on deep cable someplace, or maybe only satellite. But they kindly have decided to post the video to several of the games online (they are archived down the […]

Staying in shape

So I’ve been playing in this ultimate frisbee league this month. And that first week was great for my confidence. The second week I slipped a little, didn’t play quite as well. The third week I missed entirely due to that trip to Toronto. So I got to the fourth week after not having done […]

Ultimate frisbee

So after playing in that tournament in Seattle over the July 4th weekend, I was kind of discouraged about playing ultimate. I mean, it was an eye-opening experience, seeing 100 ultimate frisbee teams out on a set of 40 fields. Discs as far as the eye could see. Three straight days of ultimate. Crazy stuff. […]