whee ultimate

This evening was the first spring game of the ultimate frisbee league I play in. I was out of shape, of course. Despite saying I would stay in shape over the winter, I just didn’t. I’m not terribly out of shape – I biked up to Skyline Boulevard yesterday without stopping, which is about 50 minutes straight of relatively steep climbing. But even that level of cardiovascular fitness is nowhere near ultimate shape. The right thing to do is to be running regularly, and be doing intervals while running. I’m nowhere near disciplined enough to do that, alas.

Fortunately, we had subs this evening. So I could take a break when I needed one. I basically played one awesome point, my first one, where I broke free consistently against their fast guy, caught the disc, and delivered some accurate throws (although I threw them too hard and they went off the hands of my receivers, but it was windy so I could either throw it hard and have it go where I wanted, or I could throw soft and have it blown away). After that first point, I was out of gas, and was getting consistently beat on defense. At least by their fast guy. Oh well. At least my forehand is more consistent now. I’ll go running later this week, maybe make it out to the pickup game on Saturday, and next week will be better.

Afterwards, I hit the regular post-game bar, and participated in my first “boat race”, a wacky ultimate tradition wherein the two teams line up facing each other, each member with a half-pint of beer, and they race to see who can chug the fastest. The team has to drink in order, each person not starting until the person before them has finished their beer, and turned it upside down on their head. It’s a pretty stupid tradition, but, hey, I’d never done it, and I’m trying to be more open to new experience. And our team won. Woo!

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