The Power of Song

I’m on the Carnegie Hall weekly events list. Last week’s email announced a Community Sing of Mozart’s Requiem, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of 9/11. That immediately became a priority for me to attend. Some background: The Saturday after 9/11 was our choral retreat. We were rehearsing the Brahms Requiem at the time, and Vance, […]

Sailing and the AVP

More fun experiences in New York: I got to go sailing with Captain Sasha on Friday evening. Sasha’s an instructor with the Manhattan Sailing School, and took a couple of us out for a sunset cruise. It was lovely and peaceful being out on the water, with just the sounds of the waves and the […]

NextNY PitchCamp

After enjoying my last outing with them, I went to another nextNY event this evening. This one was PitchCamp. Keshava recruited several investors and entrepreneurs (including David S. Rose, the pitch coach written up in BusinessWeek) to serve as coaches while volunteers tried their pitches. The first hour was three companies doing 2-3 minute elevator […]

Life in New York

I’ve got a couple posts floating around in my head, but I can’t make any of them come together right now. Not sure if it’s the heat or general distraction or what. So instead I’ll post about stuff I’ve been up to. After Monday night at Hallo Berlin, there was bowling on Tuesday (company field […]

nextNY and other NYC events

A few weeks ago, I came across the nextNY site, a networking group for folks in technology and media in New York. It was started by Charlie O’Donnell, an up-and-coming executive (he just left Union Square Ventures where he’d been working to join a startup they’d funded). I was intrigued because they organized a dodgeball […]

Mike Murray on Hacking the Mind

I’m attending the Hackers on Planet Earth conference this weekend. I’d heard about this several months ago, just before I moved to New York and signed up then, because it was a cheap conference and sounded like it could be interesting. This is the conference associated with 2600 Magazine, which has been around forever. Anyway, […]

Central Park Philharmonic

Tonight, the New York Philharmonic gave a free concert in Central Park. I’d been thinking of going, but then Nate and Beth (last seen in this post) said they were organizing a picnic so that cinched things. It was awesome. Beth got there around 5:15 (for the 8pm concert) to snag a great spot, people […]

My first Yankees game

My company organized a Yankees game trip, and I had to go cuz it’s Yankee Stadium (thus completing my collection of “real” baseball stadiums, counting Wrigley and Fenway as the others). Yankees against the Mariners, nothing too exciting. The highlight for me was A-Rod completely self-destructing. I’m anti-A-Rod, partially because he sold out (admittedly, I […]

Sweeney Todd

Bats came to town, so I finally made the time to go see Sweeney Todd on Broadway, with the lovely and talented Patti Lupone. It was pretty awesome. Not as awesome as the the definitive Sweeney Todd version, but I might be slightly biased. One of the amazing things about the production was that there […]

New York stuff

Things I’ve been doing in New York: A week ago Tuesday, I went to Giant Tuesday Night of Amazing Inventions and Also There Is A Game, a sketch comedy night in the East Village which was really silly but fun. I think the bit I most enjoyed was the Vampire Orientation Seminar, with the five-step […]