I’d heard of local string quartet Ethel at some other event earlier in the year, but never followed up until seeing they were giving a free concert at the World Financial Center last week. They’re fantastic. They played a variety of new music which suited their talents, from neoclassical works (I really liked the pieces […]

New Amsterdam Singers

A month ago or so, somebody wrote me. They had been looking for information on El Nino by John Adams, came across my account of it, noticed that I was now living in New York, and suggested that I check out the New Amsterdam Singers, where a friend of theirs sang. Intrigued, I checked out […]

Socialed out

So that plan of mine to post every day during November? Somehow that stopped. Class is almost done. I had a big presentation due this week in one class, and next week I have to turn in a take-home final, and the final version of master’s project proposal, and then I’ll be done with my […]

Buffy Singalong

In September, I was walking through Greenwich Village with a friend. We were chatting away as we passed by the IFC movie theater. Suddenly he noticed that I was no longer talking, and that, in fact, I had stopped several paces behind him. I had been dumbstruck by the theater marquee which said “Buffy singalong”. […]

Gotta get ’em all

Short post today (and technically it’s after midnight), but I’m going to try keeping up daily posting for most of this month in sympathy with my friends who are doing NaNoWriMo. Christy’s going for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), and even though I missed a couple days to start, I’m vaguely going to try to […]

Social Media Club

Last month’s initial meeting of the New York chapter of the Social Media Club went well enough that they had a second meeting last night. As previously noted, Social Media Club is one of the things that BrainJams is doing now. It’s still in the formative stages, and it’s unclear what it’s for and what […]

Steve Reich @ 70

This past weekend was the Carnegie Hall part of the Steve Reich 70th birthday celebrations. I’m a big fan of Reich, and so I’d bought tickets to all three concerts a couple months ago. There was a Young Artists concert on Thursday evening, where Reich and his musicians worked with a bunch of young musicians […]

Class, wd-50 and Reich

It’s been over two weeks since my last post. That’s probably the longest time without an update in close to a year. It’s mostly a matter of guilt – I’ve had things I would have liked to write up, but every time I think about doing it, I think about the papers I should be […]

Come Out and Play

My life, it is busy. Let’s do the quick update of every night since my last post on Monday, September 19th, when I went to the Social Media Club. Tuesday: Stayed home and studied. My only day without interaction outside of work in the last three weeks Wednesday and Thursday: Class (my normal Tuesday class […]