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A few weeks ago, I came across the nextNY site, a networking group for folks in technology and media in New York. It was started by Charlie O’Donnell, an up-and-coming executive (he just left Union Square Ventures where he’d been working to join a startup they’d funded). I was intrigued because they organized a dodgeball league, so it was clear they were a little bit less strait-laced than the typical networking group. Plus, Charlie linked to one of my posts, so that predisposes me to like him.

Anyway, nextNY had a happy hour last night at Bar 13, and I stopped by in an attempt to meet more people here in New York. It was a lot of fun – interesting folks involved in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. Unlike many others there, I wasn’t trying to pitch anything and I didn’t have an agenda, so I was able to just enjoy meeting people, and hear them talking about what excites them (much like my experience at BrainJam). Plus, I got my first taste of the Joel halo effect – after saying I worked at Fog Creek Software, most folks say “Oh, you work for Joel!”, so that was kind of neat. I had to leave early to meet up for dinner and drinks for a friend’s birthday, but I will be going to more nextNY events in the future.

The last couple weeks have been all about taking advantage of New York. I’d been feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I figured it was time to remind myself that this is NEW YORK, and I should be going out and doing fun things here. So I’ve done all sorts of things, including:

So I’ve been keeping myself busy. In case you were wondering why there’s been a dearth of blogging recently.

P.S. My company, Fog Creek Software, is having an open house this evening if you’re interested in seeing where I work.

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