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I updated my home page. I hadn’t really re-designed it since I first put it up in the fall of 1994 (compare the old page to this 1997 snapshot), so it was kind of overdue for a redesign, especially because I had just kept on adding bits on here and there over the years. So, for now, I went with short and simple, removing all the pages with ten-year-old content. Maybe I’ll get around to pretty-ing it up with images one of these years, but I kind of doubt it.

I meant to catch up on some planned posts while I was at my parents the last four days, but I spent the time eating and sleeping instead. Oops. I’m almost caught up on downtime after my busy December, so a return to regular posting may be in the near future. Or not.

One thought on “Home page update

  1. Pretty-ing it up with images? IMAGES? Dammit boy, next you’ll be messin’ with CSS and Javascript and Flash, and then you be doin’ server-side scripts and who knows what else. Keep it old school, keep it real. I’m glad to see you still got that Mosaic homepage feelin’, what with “This is my home page.” in the first line ‘n’ all. And address tags at the end! OLD SKOOOL, MAN! But I dunno. You all be startin’ to get all XHTML on yo ass, closing your paragraph tags and usin’ them new-fangled lowercase tags, when you feel like it. Stay real, man. Don’t feel like you gotta sell out to the man.

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