Getting moving

I mostly wanted to post tonight to apologize for still not writing up The Death and Life of Great American Cities. I’ve been BARTing most of the week, so home time is replaced by three hours of commute time. Instead of blogging, I’ve almost finished reading Built to Last, the first book by the Good to Great authors. And I won’t get to writing reviews until I get back from vacation in a week and a half. Oh, the excitement.

But as long as I’m posting, two posts I read recently have been kicking around in my head. One of them is by a friend, suggesting a FooCamp for the rest of us. Another got rebroadcast across my RSS feed recently on the idea of a Hackathon, where you try to build a working piece of code in a day. Both of these ideas fit in well with last year’s plea to myself to just get started. And since I seem to have started to sink into stagnation again, reading about these efforts to get together and just crank something out is inspiring. One of these weekends, maybe I’ll have my own little hackathon, try to learn Ruby on Rails, and maybe take a swing at that to-do list (although I recently learned about 37 Signals, and their application BackPack, which sounds pretty similar to what I wanted to do, and was built with Ruby on Rails (which they designed to let them build such programs), so that was a bit deflating).

But, yeah. Time to see if I can build up some forward momentum with one of my non-work projects. Just as soon as I get back from vacation 🙂

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