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Wow. It’s been over a week since an update. Not for lack of things to write about, mind you – I’ve just been too busy to get an hour to spend writing.

I started my new job last Monday, and it’s a little different than my last job. At my last job, since most of my coworkers were parents, I would be the last one in when I arrived at 9:30 or so, and definitely the last to leave at 6pm. At this job, I’m the second person in the office, and the first on the technology team, at 9:30, and last week, I was often the first to leave, despite leaving at 6:30 or 7 because of previous plans.

That may have been deceptive, because I dropped straight into the middle of a crunch week. We were trying to get a new version of some custom software to a client, with a completely new user interface, so there was a lot of work to do. It came together pretty well, I think, and it’s definitely a testament to the power of a small team (four programmers) working near each other so they can ask questions. So, yeah, last week, I left work at 5:30 on Monday (because Microsoft Visual Studio hadn’t arrived yet so I couldn’t really do anything), 6:30 on Tuesday (because I was going to see a talk with a friend, 6:30 on Wednesday (so I could pick up Christy from BART and go down to see Tstop for dinner at the Lantzes), 8:30 on Thursday (since I had no other plans. And I still wasn’t the last to leave, but my piece of code was working), and 7:15 on Friday (because I was heading over to Christy’s for dinner before going to see Kung Fu Hustle at the Parkway). Crazy week both work-wise and social-wise.

And the socialness kept on going through the weekend. BARTed over to the city Saturday morning to have brunch with a family friend and my sister over in the Marina. BARTed back, took a quick nap because I was exhausted, and then headed down to watch Episode II (which might have been even worse than I remembered, which I didn’t think was possible) and Episode III with Brad and Christy, getting back late. Got up Sunday morning feeling sluggish, so I went for a bike ride, up to Skyline, over to Redwood Regional Park, and then along the ridge trail there for a while. I got back from the bike ride, ate some breakfast, then checked my phone and found out I’d forgotten I was supposed to help Spackle move. Oops. So over to his place, helped him load up the last bits in the moving van, and then helped carry everything into his new place. Then off into the city to go hang out with another friend who I’d made plans with, not having remembered the move.

Today, things were calmer at work, which was good because I had to leave at 5:30 to go play ultimate. I was kind of exhausted from the bike ride and the moving the previous day, but managed to pull it together and had a decent game, finishing it off by throwing the last score for the win at 10-10 in sudden death overtime. And now I think I will go collapse.

I’ve got ideas for at least three different posts in various stages of construction in my brain. I do want to write them at some point, but I’m not sure when. I head off to Boston on Thursday for Crusher’s wedding, and get back Monday afternoon. Maybe after that my life will calm down. Hyeah. Right.

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