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In case any of my readers were wondering why I haven’t updated in a while, the reason should now be evident. I finally broke down last week and admitted to myself that I was never, ever going to set up my own server at home, so I should just pay somebody to do it for me. I went with TextDrive, because they had everything I wanted for a reasonable price.

I moved and immediately to figure out how the DNS transfer would work (the answer, trivially), and then moved over. Then it was on to the real challenge – getting a new set of blogging software to work right.

I chose WordPress, because they’re open source, and because MovableType has that wacky license thing going these days. Downloaded it, set it up in a test space, and started messing around. It was remarkably easy to set up. It was more of a pain to get it to look the way I wanted it to. I still don’t understand CSS, but I trial-and-error’d my way to something approximating what I wanted.

And, even better, it was trivial to import all of my old posts. So now everything should be in here. Some of the old links may have broken slightly – they should get you to the right page, but not to the right post any more. But that’s life. Otherwise, everything should be pretty much indistinguishable. Except that now I have comments, a much better interface, and a lot more flexibility in how I do things. I can put posts into multiple categories, I can save drafts and update them later and stuff. So I think it all works. And I even figured out how to make the RSS feed stay the same, so if you read this from afar, you shouldn’t notice any difference. I hope.

Oh, and one new feature in the sidebar. Christopher Allen pointed me towards RSS Digest as an easy way to get my links displayed in the sidebar. So I did it. It’s a free service, asking only for a linkback, so I’m doing that here.

Let me know if anything looks broken. email is fine. Or comment! Yay!

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  1. I just installed a plugin which appears to enable email subscription to comments. You have to check a box when you fill out a comment to “Subscribe to comments”. And there’s no threading of comments so you’d get all comments, not just responses to yours. But given the typical paucity of comments that my posts get, I don’t think that’ll be an issue.

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