Man, I expected to be doing more posting with my time off, but I haven’t been inspired. Alas. Lots of logisticizing getting done instead. Taxes were done and mailed today. Two moving companies have come in to do estimates, and I’ll pick one by the end of the week (the scheduled move date is Monday, March 6th, in case you were wondering). I picked a property manager, who is starting to show the place to prospective tenants this week. Four boxes of books have been sent by “Media Mail” (aka book rate) to my parents’ house for storage, and there will probably be 2-4 more. Plus I’ve got two bookshelves worth of books that I’ll give away at my Bon Voyage party (contact me for party details if you weren’t on the email) and/or sell/donate if they don’t go away (if you’re reading this and would be likely to use physics textbooks, contact me). I’ve started to pack the stuff that is going with me as well. Plus there’s all the socializing that needs to get done with my various social groups (tonight was dinner with ex-coworkers from Signature, next week I’ve got a night with the chorus folks, etc.).

So progress is being made. Except on the posting front. Hence the boring journal post.

Oh, and I’ve been reading a bunch. Maybe I’ll post about that.

P.S. My fortune cookie after dinner said “Be cautious and examine any business plan.” A little late for that!

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