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Thanks to Penelope Trunk linking to me from her most recent Yahoo column about productivity, it looks like I’m going to have a lot of traffic today.

For you readers that are curious, the quote she mentions (“The particular goals aren’t as important as the process of setting goals and working to meet them.”) was in an email I sent to her after writing posts about the importance of self-discipline, and how that leads to mastery. I’d love to hear any further thoughts you have on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Brazen Careerist readers

  1. I would agree with the quote.

    To me, life is about expanding opportunity for interesting experiences. Thus, my choices of long-term goals serve to steer towards situations where I can be flexible enough to divert whenever necessary to do less mundane things.

    I think if you are too rigid in your pursuit of a particular goal, then you will become a slave to your goals as much as you may already be slave to work, family, or your pets!

    By this, I mean that your journey towards a goal should be as satisfying as completing it.

  2. Yes.. Totally agree with Jeremy especially the last line ..

    ‘JOURNEY towards a goal should be as satisfying as completing it!!’ The journey is the ultimate as it requires 99% of your hard work to achieve that particular goal.

    Sad to say that people rarely see the process or the things that you have gone through.. What people perceive is the end result which is the goal that you’ve achieved!

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