I’ve been meaning to post, but can’t quite put together anything coherent right now.

Things are hopping at work as we beta test the new release of our software, so that’s been keeping me busy. Speaking of work, if you want to see where I spend all day, stop by the Fog Creek Open House tomorrow (Thursday, July 19th) from 5-7pm.

Summer in New York also has too many events to attend:

And that’s not even counting the other museums I want to get to. Or musicals or plays I’ve been meaning to see. Or the stack of books I have piled up. Or movies I want to see. Or blog posts I want to write. Or experimenting with “social physics”. Or or or…

I’ve got only a month and a half before classes start up again! Where did the summer go?!

If anybody out there is interested in joining me on one of these adventures (or just wants to have coffee and talk about life), drop me a line.

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