In New York

I’m in New York. Whoa. Dude. It’s actually been pretty hectic. I’ve spent several hours the last couple days looking at apartments with an apartment broker from Citi Habitats. I actually applied for a nice 1BR on the edge of Chelsea yesterday, even though it was a bit out of my price range. Unfortunately, the landlord got other applications and is now dithering as to who to accept, so we looked at a bunch more places today. Depending on what happens with the first place, I may apply for a studio I looked at today up near Carnegie Hall. We’ll see.

I am a bit shocked by how small New York apartments are. And how expensive. It’s especially a culture shock coming from a soft rental market like the Bay Area, where I just rented out my gorgeous 2BR/2BA place, 1200 square feet with a view, decked out with black slate tile floors for $1500/month. On Manhattan, $1500/month doesn’t even get me a 200 square foot studio with no windows. At least in the hip neighborhoods of Chelsea and Greenwich Village where I started out looking. I expanded my search today.

I’m still pretty freaked out. I’m hoping that will die down once I actually have a place and start work and have some structure in my life again.

P.S. Amusing note of the day – my hotel is near Koreatown, so I went to a Korean restaurant for dinner this evening. There was a woman playing the kaya-gum, which is kind of like a zither or harp. It provided a nice atmosphere. At some point during the evening, though, my brain noticed something was wrong. It took me a couple moments of listening to realize that the kaya-gum player was now covering the song Yesterday, by the Beatles. That sounded really weird because I knew the song, but the instrument is wired in my brain as playing distinctively Asian pentatonal melodies. She later threw in Imagine, as well.

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