Social identity commentary

I’ve mostly spent today packing, but took a couple breaks to comment on one of Dave’s posts about social identity, which I’m linking to in the spirit of “owning my comments”, as Dave often does.

Other posts I’ve done that are vaguely relevant:

P.S. Packing proceeds apace. Discovery of the last two days – people on craigslist will take _anything_ if it’s free. I had a Salvation Army pickup yesterday morning – they took a bunch of stuff, but refused to take the furniture I wanted them to – they don’t take furniture that’s scratched, plastic chairs, or particle board bookshelves. So I put it on craigslist, and it was gone by the end of the day – that’s right, craigslist folks will take stuff that even Salvation Army won’t take. Today I put up my old skis, the straight ones that are 200cm long – Goodwill and Salvation Army won’t take these because _nobody_ uses these any more. I got a bunch of responses. It’s crazy. Free is the magic word.

P.P.S. Alas, charging money works less well. Trying to get $20 for my old bike rack has been fruitless so far – I may put it up for free tomorrow just to get rid of it. And I’m still working on getting somebody to take my dining room set and living room table, although somebody’s coming to look at the dining set this evening. Other than that, I think I’ve gotten rid of everything, assuming the guy who said he will haul away my old desk comes this weekend.

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