Stravinsky chorus page update

I finally got around to updating my chorus page to this year, with entries on the Messiah and the just-finished Stravinsky run.

Man, I’m exhausted. I actually got a bit sick last weekend, which never happens. Of course, between working long days at work trying to get another client release out the door by last Friday, while putting in another 20+ hours at the Symphony in the evenings, it’s not too surprising that my immune system wore down. I got to rest up a bit over the weekend, which was good, because I put in a 13-hour day today at work doing prep-work for some meetings that my company is running in Washington, D.C. this week. Several of us are flying out tomorrow (Tuesday), have meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday, and then a couple of us fly back Thursday night. So maybe I’ll update when I get back. If I’m not deathly ill by then.

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