Demonic dream

There’s a new show on the WB called Supernatural, about two brothers who are “ghost hunters”, fighting demons and stuff. I watched the first episode, thought it was okay, didn’t really feel a yen for it – basically a low rent horror-flick copy of the X-Files. I happened to catch most of another episode last weekend on the couch after football, which was about demonic possession. Didn’t think that much of it. Then I had a dream last night clearly inspired by that episode. As usual with dreams, the urgency and emotion fade with awakeness, but it was bizarre enough that I want to capture what I can remember.

Two brothers, facing each other across a table in a basement office. It becomes clear through their interaction that one is possessed by a demon (I think that the device used was the one they used in the Supernatural episode, where if one says “Christo” in the presence of demonic possession, the possessee’s eyes go completely freaky black). The demonic brother responds by saying something like “Angelus”, and the other brother glows blue, as if possessed by an angel.

The demonic brother apparently still thinks that he is in control of his demon, but the angelic brother recites some Latin incantation, which ignites agonized writhing from the demonic brother, demonstrating that the demon is fully in possession of the body. But the demonic brother, determined to assert his humanity, grasps an ornate cross, held upside down (which is how it’s used in the Satanic Bible I think), and then agonizingly turns it right side up as his hand starts to burn and he starts praying.

All this has taken place from a neutral point of view in my dream. Jump cut to me, now inhabiting the angelic brother, at the top of the basement stairs (which look suspiciously like the the basement stairs in my childhood home). The demonic brother is at the base of the stairs, wailing in agony, telling me to shut the door and leave him to his fate of demonic suffering. I am shouting at him, preaching at him that he can still be saved by the Lord, that Jesus will forgive him if he accepts Jesus into his heart, but he must be strong. And he still has the cross and is trying to hold it right side up, despite the burning, and he is starting up the stairs, and it is unclear whether his mortal or his demonic soul will triumph, and I won’t know until he reaches the top of the stairs. Then I wake up.

Me, as evangelical preacher. Bizarre. I’m not really sure what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

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