Reflex, by Steven Gould

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I saw this in the library in the new sci-fi section, and it looked interesting, so I picked it up. It’s the sequel to a book called Jumper, which I’ve never read, but I may go try to look up now. The premise is that the protagonist has developed the ability to teleport. No real explanation of how, he can just do it. But only to places he’s been before, or can see. Of course, the government finds out about him and tries to figure out ways to use him. And off the plot goes.

But the interesting bit to me was the thought that Gould had placed into how being an instantaneous teleport would affect one’s life. One could whisk off for a relaxing two hour swim in the Caribbean after work and sleep in one’s own bed – hotels are no longer necessary. One can always go to the store because it’s business hours somewhere in the world. One can find a completely desolate cabin in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no access by road or air, and move in because one can pop out for supplies whenever one wants. I’m sure there’s more that Gould missed, but he covered several that I hadn’t thought of, and that was neat.

Characterization and plot weren’t all that interesting. And Gould never makes any sort of attempt to explain how the power works. But it was worth the quick library read that it was.

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  1. I have Jumper; it’s pretty good. (Mostly as an exploration of what you could do with this power, so I’m left wondering what the sequel could really be about…)

    Is there any relationship between Stephen Gould the author and Stephen Jay Gould, famous biologist?

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