It’s interesting how wishing sometimes makes it so on the Internet. Or at least how enough people are thinking along the same lines that ideas pop up in multiple places last month.

A few months ago, I went to a Social Media Club meeting, and came back musing about feedback karma, where it “would be a really validating thing to have a site where people came by whatever you were doing and offered encouragement.” I suggested having to comment on other people’s work to get your own reviewed, and things like that.

And apparently that site debuted at the NY Tech Meetup this week – it’s called Urbis. Check this out:
The Creative Review Engine

1. Receive as much as you give using the Urbis credit system. Earn credits by reviewing people and spend credits when receiving reviews. Learn more about credits.
2. Choose whether you want supportive reviews from people you know (in-network) or unbiased reviews from strangers (out-of-network)
3. Qualify what kind of people you allow to review your work by specifying age range, location, talent, experience, and more. (coming soon)
4. Hold members accountable for reviews that don’t meet the high standards of the Urbis review guidelines.
5. Understand the value of the reviews you receive by viewing Reviewer stats.
6. Receive ratings (algoratings) that are weighted to provide a true reflection of the community’s opinion of your work.

Cool stuff. Now if I could only take some of my ideas and do something with them. Inspiration, perspiration and all that.

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