Keeping Score

Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony have apparently launched an effort to bring more people into appreciation of classical music and how it fits together (here’s the Chronicle article this morning). The effort is called Keeping Score, and is going to be a five year multimedia effort. The first fruits of that effort are being broadcast this week on PBS in a Great Performances special focusing on Tschaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 (Check local listings – it’s at 8pm on KQED in the Bay Area). The first hour will apparently be a behind the scenes look at how the symphony rehearses and prepares for such a performance, and the second will be a complete performance of the finished work. Sounds like it could be really interesting.

The effort also includes an online component at, giving the interested viewer a chance to learn more. It looks like a neat effort all around, and entirely in fitting with what I know of Michael’s desire to share the joy of music with everyone he meets.