Why haven’t I been reading?

Those two of you who actually look at this site may wonder why I haven’t posted any book reviews in over a month. Lots of reasons. Things got busy at work. I got a new car, so I was driving instead of taking public transit to work, which cut into my reading time. I took a five-day weekend to attend a friend’s wedding in Washington D.C., where I almost finished a book (David Brin’s Transparent Society) on the plane ride back, but haven’t gotten around to finishing it since then. I’ve been distracted trying to keep up with my normal Economist and Science News subscriptions. I’ve been trying to write more blog entries. October and November are the start of the new television season, so I was watching a couple new shows and several old favorites. It’s also football season, so Sundays now have a significant time-sink. I’ve started playing ultimate and taking salsa lessons. Lots of excuses. No good answers. And it’s not likely to change until the new year because I’ve got craziness in the chorus coming up, with the christmas concert and the Messiah on consecutive weeks in December. Rest assured I will get back to reading at some point, probably when my monster Amazon order gets in – I currently have something like $100 worth of books sitting in my shopping cart at Amazon, just waiting for me to click “Checkout”.