As noted previously, I went to a “BrainJam” on Saturday. It was excellent, everything I had hoped it would be. I met a bunch of interesting people, had some thought-provoking conversations, and was left wanting more, even at the end of a long day (9am-7pm) of talking. In the morning, they started off with essentially […]

4S conference and LA

Last Wednesday, Jofish commented on my Latour post that he was going to be in California for the 4S conference (Society for the Social Studies of Science) the next day and that I should come down and schmooz for a bit over the weekend. After an entertaining miscommunication where I repeatedly read Pasadena as Palo […]

Latour at Berkeley

As previously mentioned, Bruno Latour came to Berkeley to give a talk. I was psyched. So I left work early, but hit more traffic than expected and got to the auditorium just at 6:30 when the pre-talk movie was starting. And the place was standing room only. 150 seat auditorium, all seats filled, for a […]

Web2.1 notes

I’m glad I decided to go to the Web2.1 BrainJam. I was a bit nervous, since I didn’t know anybody there and I don’t do this stuff for a living, but it turned out to be a good time. Chris Heuer, the organizer, wanted to try doing what he called Speed Brainjamming, and what Christopher […]

Stewart Brand talks about cities

Last week’s Long Now talk was by Stewart Brand, one of the organizers and author of the book How Buildings Learn. This talk was about cities, and how cities learn. He started off the talk by talking about demographics. Within the next couple years, more than 50% of the world will live in cities. And […]

James Carse at the Long Now

I’ve been to a few of the Seminars about Long-term Thinking, sponsored by the Long Now Foundation. They’re hit and miss. Sometimes they’re really interesting, sometimes they’re kind of boring. This week’s speaker was James Carse, author of a book called Finite and Infinite Games. I’m not sure where I’d heard of Carse (although reviewing […]

BloggerCon writeup

Quick update. I went to the Accelerating Change conference this weekend. I also went to BloggerCon on Saturday. I’d been waitlisted at BloggerCon, but got in last week, and since the two conferences were a 5 minute walk apart at Stanford, I decided to try to cherry-pick the best of both worlds. I think I […]

Lawrence Lessig at SDForum

I mentioned this talk last week, and I did go to it. Lessig is a fantastic public speaker. Organized and cogent. While watching his talk, I was reminded that I’d read somewhere that if you want to see Powerpoint used appropriately, go to a Lessig talk. And it’s so, so true. He takes what Tufte […]