Clans of the Alphane Moon, by Philip K. Dick

Amazon link Brian bought this on our layover in Chicago on the way out, mostly because his other choice of reading material was a mathematical optics book. I don’t know what he was thinking. Anyway, I was running out of reading material on the way back, so I borrowed it from him, and traded him […]

The importance of message

I wrote this in an email discussion today, where people were debating why the conservatives are so much more effective than liberals at getting their message out. One guy said that the left doesn’t lack for ideas, but thought that the messages was less important than making sure the ideas got out there, meaning we […]

Was it worth it?

A coworker of mine asked me today what it felt like to have worked for several days and have accomplished nothing. And I took issue with that. Sure, judged from a national perspective, it was a failure. But, if that’s the only metric of success, it’s hard to justify doing anything, because it’s very hard […]

Closing thoughts

Was it worth it? I think so. Yes, our guy didn’t win. But I feel like I did what I could for the cause. I was in the right state, the one it all came down to. I helped out with an effort that achieved a truly ridiculous voter turnout for a relatively small town. […]

Amusing anecdotes

There were a couple anecdotes that I wanted to record but didn’t really fit into the narrative elsewhere, so I’m recording them here. I already related this one over at LiveJournal, but it’s pretty funny, so I’m putting it in my official blog. Brian and I arrived in Cleveland at about 9pm Saturday evening. We […]

Election day

I got off to a late start on election day, after staying up until 2am the night before working on the database with Ken. But I got over to HQ by 10am, and immediately left with Ken and Brian. It had been decided that Brian and I, as the out-of-towner carpetbaggers, should be running tech […]

Helping out

So, as mentioned last week, I decided to go to Ohio for the election this year. And, despite the national result, I’m glad I went. Brian and I ended up spending our time in Ohio helping out the local Oberlin effort, Oberlin Votes!, run by Rob’s friend Ken. Oberlin Votes! aimed “to identify every individual […]