Going to Ohio

After going to that political campaign training, I mentioned to my friend Brian that I thought it was neat that many of the participants were planning to vote absentee in California, and head to a swing state for the election itself to help get out the vote. I didn’t think anything more of it until […]

Participant statement for AC2004

As I mentioned before, I’m signed up to go to the Accelerating Change conference. One of the things they suggest doing is to put together a participant statement. Here’s mine. 1. Passions and Futures I am fascinated by the topic of how people communicate, whether it’s in the form of how a company makes its […]

Links of October 20, 2004

As usual, a couple links that I want to share. I really liked this San Francisco chronicle article describing Laura Cunningham, the manager of the French Laundry. In the account of my visit, I raved about the experience, and how everything was tuned so well for customer enjoyment. It turns out that Cunningham has trained […]

Sucker Bet, by James Swain

Amazon link I’ve liked Swain’s previous books, so when I saw this one in paperback at the used book store, I picked it up. Not as entertaining as the previous entries in the series, partially because Swain doesn’t spend as much time explaining various casino swindles. The centerpiece scam isn’t as interesting or intricate either. […]