World Watch column by Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card has written some of my favorite books, and his ideas have influenced my own in various ways. So when I came across his World Watch column, which he writes on a weekly basis, I was pretty excited. Until I started actually reading the columns. I knew Card was a devoted Mormon, but […]

Intellectual hair salon

My friend Wilfred and I were chatting via IM, and he was lamenting the lack of intellectual discourse in his life. I replied that we needed to start a salon, then added “intellectual, not hair”. But the more I thought about it, the more the idea of an intellectual hair salon amused me. “Today’s topic: […]

Monkeys at Many-to-Many

I was catching up on the articles at Many-to-Many recently, and saw this entertaining one about “the monkey-mind, that primal and social part of our brains that evolved long before the human species emerged.” I particularly like this rant about the Monkeysphere, where a guy uses the idea of Dunbar’s number (Dunbar postulated that our […]

Social networks and rejection

I wanted to follow up on my recent post with more thoughts about social networks. I was thinking about the networks I’m part of, and how they interact, and realized that a component that is often missing from social software is the requirement for rejection. Nobody ever turns down a friend request in Orkut. But […]