What is powerful?

In yesterday’s post, I quipped “art is in the network, not in the nodes.” While walking around yesterday, I started trying to figure out what I meant by that. It’s a cute quip, but what does it mean? I also wanted to tie it into the ideas I presented towards the end of this post, […]

Lazy couple days (March 20 and 21)

After staying out til 2am the previous couple nights, I ended up sleeping in until noon on Sunday morning. I had kind of planned that – the weather forecast had said that it was going to be cold and rainy on Sunday, so I figured I should get my fun in while I could. I […]

Art as a web

DocBug put up an interesting post, wondering why we put all the fame and glory on a particular artist, when their work is often the result of a dense web of collaboration, influences and support. I started responding to that post in a comment, and then realized I had a lot more to say than […]

Carmen (March 18)

Apologies for the out of order entries here. This actually happened before the last entry, but I wanted to write about the play immediately while it was fresh in my brain. So now we’re back to Friday, where I spent the morning sorting out my back entries and going to the coffeehouse and uploading a […]

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This Is How It Goes

I’ve been a fan of Neil LaBute’s work since seeing the movie In the Company of Men, which I saw based on this review by James Berardinelli. I also saw Your Friends and Neighbors, and Nurse Betty, which didn’t impress me as much, and his play, The Shape of Things, which was okay (and later […]

Yup, I’m a dumbass

In case there was any question, it is confirmed that I am, in fact, a dumbass. When I got back to the apartment, and opened up the laptop, this time with wireless enabled, there were something like nine networks in sight, four of which were open access. Words don’t describe how dumb I feel. This […]

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Blog uploading

So I’ve been writing entries on my laptop, but had not yet figured out how to get them uploaded to my site. My host has cable internet, but when I plugged his network cable into my laptop, I couldn’t get a connection, probably because my MAC address doesn’t match or some nonsense. And I couldn’t […]

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Metablog – Improvements

Things I wish I were better at in blogging: Developing my line of reasoning. I often am lazy in exploring the consequences of an interesting idea. I have the initial idea, see the immediate ramifications, and record that and move on to the next idea, instead of worrying at it for a while longer to […]

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (March 17)

It was a relatively nice day, so I decided to spend it wandering the streets. In particular, I chose to go investigate the art galleries of Chelsea. First I had lunch at Bongo’s Fry Shack, which was recommended by last week’s TimeOut magazine, but which was disappointingly overpriced and not very good, as this review […]

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Cognitive subroutines extensions

In my last post about cognitive subroutines, I extended the idea to allow for us to use other people as part of our internal routines. I was using this in the idea of team building, but this idea of leveraging elements outside of ourselves can be extended even further. While I was at the Whitney […]