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You can look at my home page for more information, but the short answer is that I'm a dilettante who likes thinking about a variety of subjects. I like to think of myself as a systems-level thinker, more concerned with the big picture than with the details. Current interests include politics, community formation, and social interface design. Plus books, of course.

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Fri, 24 Dec 2004

On Whidbey
Ah, this is the life. I'm sitting in the living room of my parents' house on Whidbey Island outside of Seattle, lounging in a comfortable leather chair in front of the fireplace, looking out the window at the trees and bay, typing away. Laptops are cool. And since I acquired an extra wireless hub and brought it up with me, I even have internet access from the chair. Life is good.

Not much to report. I overdosed on the weighty stuff for a while, and took a break with lighter posts for the last week and a half. I had planned to get back to more thoughtful posts during this Christmas break, but I'm not really feeling the inspiration. Lounging around, reading my book, and watching TV and DVDs is more my speed. But give me a couple days and maybe I'll overdose on that and be ready for some hot philosophy action again. Or maybe I'll finally clean out my email inbox (all 300+ messages) instead.

Speaking of DVDs, y'all might be amused by this. In my last Amazon order, I got the first two seasons of Gilmore Girls, a show which I greatly enjoy despite not being in the target demographic. How do I know I'm not in the target demographic? On one of the DVD sets was a sticker alerting me that with the purchase of the set I could get a four month free subscription to Teen People! Um. Yeah. Then again, I've known that my tastes are eclectic for a while. I'm always amused at the contrast between the ads I see when I'm watching football (pickup trucks, beer and Viagra) and when I'm watching Buffy or Gilmore Girls (makeup, romantic movies). I think I'd drive Nielsen marketers crazy with my television watching habits. Anyway.

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Christmas Eve links
A batch o' links from the last several weeks that I've been too lame to upload until now. If you want a more consistently updated feed of web pages I find interesting, I'm starting to use more regularly, and you can check out my saved links there.

That's it for this round of links. I don't know if I'll get around to posting original content this weekend. For those of you who are dangerously addicted to the internet and are still online like me, I wish you a joyful non-denominational winter solstice celebration.

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