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You can look at my home page for more information, but the short answer is that I'm a dilettante who likes thinking about a variety of subjects. I like to think of myself as a systems-level thinker, more concerned with the big picture than with the details. Current interests include politics, community formation, and social interface design. Plus books, of course.

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Fri, 23 Jul 2004

I just heard of a service called Bloglines, which is a great way to manage subscriptions to various blogs. I previously recommended Bloglet, but that service has failed to work for me for months. I tried NewsGator for a while, but it wasn't very convenient. Bloglines seems pretty good in the couple days I've used it so far. I can check it anywhere I have a web connection, and it lets me easily click and read on the newest entries in my blogs of interest. Thumbs up for now. If you're interested, you can look at my list of subscriptions there.

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