Moral Politics, by George Lakoff

Amazon link I’ve been pretty interested in the work of George Lakoff recently, so I figured I should read one of his books to learn more. Moral Politics was the one available in a bookstore when I stopped by, so that’s the one I picked up. It’s also the one most relevant to my political […]

Colin Powell

I saw a link to this article about Colin Powell over at GQ. I was skeptical initially because GQ didn’t really seem like a place to find an in-depth story, but I thought it provided a nice profile of Powell and his struggles within the Bush administration. Admittedly, I’m totally biased against Bush and his […]

View from the cubicle

The company I work for moved offices last week down to South San Francisco. It makes my commute a little longer, coming from Oakland, but there are certain advantages. For one, there’s easy free parking. For another, I have a window in my cubicle that looks out over the bay. Check out the photos to […]