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Wed, 14 Apr 2004

Howard and Arianna
So, after yesterday's post which talked separately about Arianna Huffington and Howard Stern, I was amused to hear Arianna as a guest on Howard's show this morning. Politics really really makes the strangest bedfellows. They commiserated about the idiocy of Bush especially after the robotic press conference last night, before Stern got distracted by inquiring about Arianna's ex-husband, who came out as gay after the divorce. Then Stern started asking her what the sex was like and whether she had any clue, and she's asking whether they should talk about something more interesting, like defeating Bush. Stern would have none of it, saying that he was more interested in the sex at the moment. Arianna got frustrated and found something to get Stern back on track. She mentioned that she'd had dinner with Uma Thurman the previous night, and Uma had asked Arianna to ask Howard if she could come on the show and do a joint voter registration drive to help defeat Bush. Howard said "Okay, now you've got my attention!" And then he told Arianna to tell Uma, "Baby. I am doing everything I can to defeat Bush. I am begging my listeners to vote against him. I would love to help register voters with you." Absolutely hilarious stuff. And yet serious. Stern may be a wackjob pervert, but he can get people to listen to him. And just the idea of Arianna Huffington and Uma Thurman and Howard Stern teaming up because they all hate Bush makes me think that there's some hope that Bush could be defeated this fall. If these different people from these very different backgrounds are all anti-Bush, that has to mean something.

I can only hope.

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