John Perry Barlow speaks

After writing my post about the perils of extremism a few weeks ago, I just have to link to John Perry Barlow’s thoughts on the subject. Despite being the author of the much ballyhooed Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, Barlow only recently started a weblog of his own. After one of his posts evangelizing about the importance of beating Bush this year (wow, it’s 2004 now, so it’s an election year), he was surprised to find an invasion of Bush supporters who’d been led there by a link from a conservative weblogger. But the post I reference above is his welcome to them, and a meditation on the importance of taking the other side’s position seriously, and treating them as the intelligent and articulate people that they are. Since my post addressed similar issues, and took a similar position, I had to link to his as a sort of moral support. Or something.